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Vector Depot is a site for sharing things you find helpful with your work in Vectorworks. All items are specific to Vectorworks. We don't have any AutoCad or Revit stuff here. If you have items you want to share with other VW users just send them in. If you have some tools you have created that you think are worth a few dollars we can help you market them. Drop us a note if you have something you want to or share

The number one question we are asked is 'When are you getting new stuff?' The best answer we have is 'When you send it in!'  This site lives and breathes based upon the donations of the Vectorworks community. Consider donating or offering your items for sale today.

The Vector Depot Market - 2015

We have removed the paid market section of the site. Sales have been declining for a while and one of our main sellers has requested that we remove his items from sale. At this time it is no longer a viable commercial market so we have removed the pages.

I want to thank everyone who offered items for sale in the market over the years and all those who purchased items.

CE Log

I have developed an iPhone app to help track continuing education compliance for Architects, Engineers and other professionals. 

Have a look and see if it can help you untangle your CE compliance.

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CE Log in the iTunes App Store

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Patrick B. McConnell

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