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These files are VectorWorks drawing files containing symbol definitions:

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

A very nicely detailed symbol/model of a compost bin. Features the model/symbol of the bins, a dimensioned drawing and a worksheet with material takeoffs. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

By Christiaan Briggs. VW 2012 or higher


Hybrid symbols of concrete or stone curbing by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher

Trench Drains

A collection of hybrid symbols of trench drains by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher

Concrete Catch Basins

A series of hybrid concrete symbols depicting catch basins of various sizes by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher

Retaining Walls

Many hybrid retaining wall symbols by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher


A 3d model of a water fountain feature for site models (not a drinking fountain) by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds in 25 different sizes by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher

Detailing Symbol Collection

A large collection of symbols for detailing by Trouche Philippe. VW 2008 or higher.

Overhead Doors/Shutters

Over 80 symbols depicting coiled overhead doors (shutters) by Philippe Trouche VW 2008 or higher.

Simpson Strong Tie Catalog

The entire catalog of Simpson Strong Tie metal framing hangers and accessories. By Matthew Swett VW 2008 or higher

Moulding Profiles

Moulding Profiles

A collection of 504 moulding profiles ready for input into your detail drawings by Matthew Swett - This former Market item is now available at no cost.

3D Servos

A collection of over 20 3D symbols of servos. By Guy Stevens VW 2009 or higher

2D Outline People

2D versions of Mike Moore's 3D Outline People (see below) By Gideon Scott VW 12 or higher.

People Image Props

A 35 piece collection of image props, partially transparent silhouettes of people. Includes men, women and children in a variety of poses. Suitable for 3D renderings where the size and overall image of a person is desired for scale and illustration purposes, but in an indistinct, partially transparent mode. By Dan Jansenson. VW 12 or higher.

Venetian Blinds

Two symbols of venetian blinds by Mike Moore

3D Outline People

Hundreds of 3D symbols of people by Mike Moore. VW 12.0 or higher. (Originally for SketchUp from PushPullBar2 forums contributed by Richard - known as "Richard's 2D White People")

Flat Screen TV

3D model of a large flat screen television by Mike Moore. VW 12.0 or higher.

Roller Shutter

3D Models of a Roller Shutter type overhead door by Mike Moore. VW 12.0 or higher.

Cedar Tub

A 3D model of a cedar hot tub by Andrew McHarney. VW 11.0 or higher.

2D People

A collection of 15 2D symbols of people in sitting and standing poses by Paolo Marcuccetti. VW 11.0 or higher

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